Times Square, during construction, at Christmas time, with my pack of Photo II girls: so fun…and so cold! Our field trip to New York City to shoot Street Photography, practicing “shooting from the hip”, getting up close for the shot, or sneakily taking photos of people was a delight. I have never cared much for Street Photography, but having recently studied the work of Markus Hartel I have become enamored with the rich quality of his images and I wanted to try it out for myself. I was also eager to see what my students came up with, they inspire me everyday. Before traveling to the ICP to see two exhibitions we walked through the streets clicking our cameras, the sounds echoing those of the hurried feet across the pavement. Our trip made me long to teach photography on the streets of cities, in the fields of the country and the studios of professionals! To see the girls out and shooting was much like our trip to Montana, there was a freshness and excitement that one just can’t get from the classroom.

SABourne_NYC_20Shooting on the streets of NYC!


After viewing the work of Zoe Strauss and Lewis Heine, the ICP offered a complimentary tour of their teaching facilities, where I wanted to stay for a lifetime! The girls were awe-struck by the spaces, as was I. Just the washing tanks alone were impressive. They also had work up all over the walls which got me excited for all the future projects we’ll do.

The girls at the ICP…

What a great trip! Can’t wait for next year.


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